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At Viktor Yeliohin International Ballet Academy (VYIBA), we strive to provide our students with world class training and performance opportunities.  Our dancers are given the best training in the area by our expert faculty, guest teachers, and choreographers and have the opportunity to train and perform with professional dancers and teachers from all over the world.  VYIBA’s well-rounded curriculum allows for students to receive an in-depth education in several styles of dance and prepare them for their future, both in and out of the dance studio.

The Viktor Yeliohin International Ballet Academy opened in 2010 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Ballet classes are taught primarily in the Vaganova Syllabus in the Russian pedagogy.  Viktor brings to his studio and his students a passion for the beauty of dance and a compassion for and belief in every child’s potential.  At VYIBA the students will find a ballet master dedicated to education and enjoyment of the art of dance, while providing a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all dancers, regardless of one’s skill level.

School Objectives

At VYIBA we strive to further develop the physical skills that facilitate proper execution of classical ballet in the Vaganova style.  Students will develop quality presentation for stage performance, application of the use of music to the repetition of movement, improve fluency in dance terminology and the Vaganova Syllabus, and develop skills at an advanced level during class to produce a professional performance on stage.


General Policies


All parents and students should check the bulletin board and website for updates on the calendar, schedule, policy documents, events, etc. Nutcracker and other performance information will also be listed on the bulletin board.  All communication and updates concerning the studio and as well as billing information will be sent to the primary email contact in the student’s file.  For additional information please check our website and social media sites.


Student Questions and Concerns for the Director

As a minor, if a student has a concern or policy question about the studio or his/her fellow dancers, they should present their concerns in the following way.  First, the student should notify his/her parent or guardian about the situation. Next, the parent/guardian can decide if they would like to arrange a meeting with Viktor to bring it to his attention.  This meeting should not include the student as these matters need to be discussed privately between the adults.  Viktor will then address the concern on a case-by-case basis communicating with the parents/guardians who are involved.  Students should not use class or studio time to express these important matters, and they should not approach the director informally.  This will ensure that the studio can maintain privacy and a positive, respectful, and safe dance environment for all.


Privacy & Safety

VYIBA is a drug/smoke free facility and no student is allowed to smoke or use alcohol or drugs in or near the studio. No weapons or objects that could be used to cause bodily harm are permitted in the studio. Bullying is prohibited. This includes whispering about other students while in the studio.  Photos may not be taken without permission.  Cyber bullying is taken seriously.  Abuse of social media, which harms another, is grounds for dismissal from the studio.

Students are expected to show respect for one another’s property as well as the property of the studio.  VYIBA is not responsible for any lost or stolen item, including electronic items.  Please check at the front desk and in the Lost and Found box, located in the ladies’ dressing room.  

Help us keep our studio space clean and free of germs by washing your hands and/or using hand sanitizer.  No food, drinks, chewing gum or CELLPHONES are permitted in the dance studios.  Specific areas will be designated for eating.  The student is expected to dispose of all garbage in the proper containers and make sure that they clean up the space they occupied.

All choreography used for performances is considered to be the intellectual property of VYIBA.  Use of this choreography without written or verbal permission by the instructor or director is prohibited.  This includes performance videotaping and photograph distribution online by posting on Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Student Conduct

VYIBA is a positive and encouraging work environment for dancers, parents, and staff.  Students are expected to behave respectfully toward their parents, teachers, classmates, and their art form.  When students register for classes at VYIBA, they promise to follow appropriate rules and proper class etiquette.  Once a student reaches the Elementary/Inro level he/she is expected to register for a minimum of two ballet classes per week. This is important for the student to grow as a dancer at an appropriate rate.

Any student enrolled at VYIBA or performing with the VYIBA Company is not permitted to take class or perform with any other dance school during the school year.  Enrollment in another program may result in dismissal from VYIBA. This will not only help keep our students healthy by limiting exposure to other environments, but VYIBA offers classes taught by distinguished Faculty and is devoted to providing each student with a quality dance education.  We entrust that our students will engage in the coursework at VYIBA upholding the integrity of the school and not seek classes elsewhere.  

Arrival and Departure

We recommend that street clothes and shoes be worn over dance clothes before and after class, especially during the colder months.  Students should be dropped off at the studio door.  We discourage parents from waiting in the studio due to parking issues and to keep crowds down.  The exception is for the Music, Movement and Make-Believe students who are very young and exceptions for special circumstances.  Students are to place their belongings neatly in the place provided for them in their respective dressing room.  Students should leave their cell phones in their bags in the dressing room.  We do not want dancers to be checking their messages during class.  Please use the bathroom before class.  

Parents are welcome to stay and wait for their child, collect information about future school happenings, and enjoy the use of our free WIFI for personal or business activities.  Please refrain from negative discussions about students, parents or studio activities out of respect for the privacy and hard work of each individual student.  If a parent is not waiting, dancers are strongly advised to wait for their rides inside the VYIBA building and should not walk outside alone.  No student is permitted in the designated staff area.

Class Etiquette

Students should arrive to class prepared and should take a few minutes to warm up before class.  If a student is late, they must ask their teacher if they may join class.  Students must wear the correct dance attire.  If a ballet class includes pointe, students should bring their shoes into the classroom rather than having to leave the room during class to retrieve them.

Students should arrive to class 15 minutes early.  They should put down their belongings (INCLUDING CELLPHONES)  in the dressing room and go immediately to their studio. Once they enter the studio, they should immediately go to the barre and begin stretching and warming-up. No one should be sitting on the floor by the entrance of the studio and socializing. As soon as the teacher enters the studio, all studios should stand out of respect for the teacher. If there is a class in the studio before, students should stretch in the lobby area. There should be no students sitting and socializing in the dressing room. 

We encourage all students to take an active role in learning dance combinations and choreography.  Please ask questions during class to further understand what is being taught.  If a student has a question, they should raise their hand to ask once the teacher has finished demonstrating or speaking.

The study of dance may require physical contact between teachers and students or between dancers.  Teachers will be respectful of the dancers’ personal space and are mindful of physical contact when correcting.  We encourage all dancers to take corrections and criticism positively and remember that the teachers’ job is to help dancers improve and grow.  Students are asked to maintain a positive attitude towards themselves and others.  Our faculty works hard to create an enjoyable and fun environment for all students and hope that any stress or frustration will not interfere with any student’s class experience.

Dress Code

It is important for dancers to present themselves in a neat and orderly appearance.  Students who do not meet the dress code stated may be asked to observe class rather than participate.  This dress code is in place so that both teachers and students can focus on the class and dancing without distractions.

The following applies for all dancers in any class to prevent injury to yourself and others and to prevent breakage and loss of valuable items:

    • No jewelry other than small stud earrings (no bracelets, necklaces, dangly earrings)
  • No gum
    • No warm-up clothing unless otherwise allowed by teacher or if the studio is very cold
    • No street shoes on the dance floor
  • No t-shirts advertising other dance schools or camps permitted at anytime
  • No cell phones allowed in the classes (Video recording is not permitted unless granted by the director for learning or marketing purposes only)

Level Dress Code for Ballet Class

Male Dancers at all levels of ballet should wear a plain black or white shirt with black tights or biker shorts and black or white ballet shoes with matching socks.

For all female ballet students, hair must be pulled back in a slicked, neat bun.  Underwear should not be worn beneath dance clothes.  Only short chiffon skirts can be worn.

  • Music, Movement & Make Believe and Creative Movement – light pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes (matching pink skirt optional)
  • Elementary Intro Ballet – Royal Blue leotard (matching skirt optional), pink tights and ballet shoes
  • Beginner and Intermediate Vaganova – Royal Blue leotard (matching skirt optional), pink tights and ballet shoes
  • Advanced Vaganova – Black leotard (matching skirt or spandex black shorts optional), pink tights and ballet shoes

Modern & Contemporary Class

All dancers may be asked to wear half soles, ballet shoes or dance barefoot depending on the teacher and the repertoire.

Female dancers should wear a black or level leotard with pink or black tights, rolled up or footless.  Solid colored leggings may be worn over their tights and solid color tight t-shirts are accepted.  Hair should be pulled back into a slicked, neat bun or in a tight high or low ponytail.

Male dancers should wear black tights or shorts with a tight-fitting, solid color t-shirt.

Jazz Class

For Beginner and Intermediate dancers, black Jazz shoes are preferred. For Advanced dancers, tan Jazz shoes are preferred, but it is ultimately up to the teacher’s discretion what students may wear on their feet.

Female dancers should wear a black or level color leotard with black tights or leggings.  Dancers may wear solid color, tight fitting t-shirts.  Hair should be pulled back into a slicked, neat bun or in a tight high or low ponytail.

Male dancers should wear black tights or shorts.  They may wear tight-fitting, solid color t-shirts.


Students will receive class level recommendations based on skill level.  Recommendations will be made by the student’s instructor in the Spring for class selection for the following Fall.  New students will be evaluated by an instructor upon entry to school by attending a free drop-in class.  The director will make the final decision on the correct placement of a dancer when in question.  Those dancers who take multiple classes per week may move at a faster pace than those only enrolled in one or two classes because they are developing their musicality, skills and physical condition with additional practices per week.   Any parent who has questions about their child’s level should arrange a private meeting with the director.


We expect an email or phone call to the studio to explain a student absence.  If a student misses a class due to illness or emergency cancellation by the studio for any reason, the student may substitute their regular class with any other class of the same level or lower level.  The student may substitute the missed class with a class of a higher level with permission of the director.  Substituted classes must be made up within a month of the missed class.

Attendance will be taken in each class.  Except for serious illness, injury, or severe weather, we expect our dancers to meet their obligation to attend all classes for which they are registered.  Multiple absences or tardiness in class can severely interfere with a student’s progress and could result in injury as the class progresses.  Students will be given a maximum of 7 absences per year, per class. Poor attendance may require a student to switch to a lower level, repeat a level, or be dismissed from the studio.

Students who wish to participate in performances must have regular attendance.  Those who do not attend regularly may risk their degree of participation in performances.  This is in fairness to those attending regularly to keep class and rehearsal progressing.  All classes/rehearsals during the month of May are considered mandatory for all students participating in the Gala Performance.  This is so that all students are prepared and confident for the show.

No refund is given for a missed class for any reason.  Students may drop or add a class by obtaining permission from the director.  Please read the schedule and choose classes carefully so that there will be no conflict with your chosen classes.


Students should not attend class if there is presence of a fever (100.4°F or higher), excessive nasal discharge or frequent coughing, diarrhea, vomiting or signs of infectious disease, and they should not return to class until fever/vomiting is gone for at least 24 hours without medication: any prescribed antibiotics have been used for a full 24 hours; and/or all symptoms have been resolved for at least 24 hours.



Any student who wishes to participate in another extracurricular or personal activity or event that may regularly interfere with class and/or rehearsal, should notify the director 2 months in advance.  Absences due to vacations, musicals, college visits, auditions or performance opportunities are the student’s choice, but class tuition will not be changed to fit the number of classes attended.  Make-up classes will be available, but tuition will not be adjusted and will be collected as usual.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available upon request.  The cost of Private Lessons range in price depending on the time of year, purpose, and length of time.  Dancers may take private lessons with an instructor from the studio to improve their technique, get ready for a higher level, or prepare for competition. Dancers MUST stay with their original private lesson teacher. If they would like to take a private lesson with another teacher from the studio, they must get permission from their original teacher and give their original teacher 2-3 weeks notice. Any lessons scheduled after 8pm must be approved by the director and must end by 9pm.  Students who are preparing for a competition are given priority with studio availability and time slot. 

Private lessons with a teacher from outside the studio must take place between the hours of 10 AM – 1 PM. You must receive permission from the director 2 weeks ahead of time to take private lessons with a teacher from outside of the studio at VYIBA. The maximum amount of time that the lesson may be scheduled for is 1 hour. It is PROHIBITED for the lesson to occur anytime after 8 PM. The private teacher must have their own liability insurance and also must sign a release form and pay a $25.00 studio rental fee. 



VYIBA plans the year based on student enrollment, teachers’ salaries, studio and theater space rentals, as well as anticipated payments and other unexpected expenses. ALL TUITION, DEPOSITS, PAYMENTS, COSTUME FEES AND REGISTRATIONS FOR ALL EVENTS AND SUMMER CAMPS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. If for any reason at all, a student leaves VYIBA or if the studio is ordered to close due to a public health or weather emergency situation, at any time during the year, there will be no tuition refund or forgiveness.  This applies to all tuition options for all students.

Tuition payments are only applied to the current school year’s class offerings.  Summer Camp is billed independently and cannot serve as make-up classes for the past year.  Any outstanding tuition payments carried over to the following year will be charged a $30.00 late fee.

Your payment selection reflects the year’s tuition divided into payments for your convenience.  Family or other activities that take your student out of classes for a period of time will not reduce your tuition payment obligation.  We offer three payment options.

Monthly Payments

Monthly payments are due on the 1st of the month, every month from September through May.  THE FINAL PAYMENT DUE IN MAY WILL BE ONE MONTH PAYMENT PLUS ONE HALF THE COST OF YOUR MONTHLY PAYMENT.  THIS HALF MONTH PAYMENT INCLUDES THE CLASSES THAT MET IN AUGUST AND THOSE THAT MEET IN JUNE UNTIL THE GALA MID-MONTH.  The final ½ month payment Payments that arrive at the studio or in the mail after the 5th of the month must include a $20 late fee.  Should a check be returned to the studio due to insufficient funds, a fee of $30 will be added to the account.  Monthly tuition is non-refundable and must be paid completely before the Gala rehearsal.  


3-Month Payments

3-month payments are due at the 1st of September, December, and March.  Your final payment will be separate and will be half of your monthly payment for the classes that  met for a few weeks in August and those that meet  in June until the Gala mid-month.  Payments that arrive at the studio or in the mail after the 5th of the month must include a $20 late fee.  Should a check be returned to the studio due to insufficient funds, at fee of $30 will be added to the account. 3-month payments are non-refundable and must be paid completely before the Gala rehearsal.


Yearly Payments

Yearly payments are due no later than September 15th and cover your tuition from September through May.  Your final  payment will be charged separately and will be the cost of a half month’s tuition to cover the few weeks of class that met in August and those that meet in June until the Gala mid-month.   If the payment is not received by September 15th, the yearly payment will be voided.  Should a check be returned to the studio due to insufficient funds, a fee of $30 will be added to the account. Yearly tuition is non-refundable.  Only choose this option knowing that all monies paid to the studio are forfeited even in the event of an emergency closure including extreme weather or health pandemic.


Final Payment

The tuition payment for May will also include the final  tuition payment for the remaining classes in June and those that met the last few weeks of August and will be  half of the normal monthly payment. (For example, if your normal monthly payment is $100, the amount due in May will be $100 (May tuition) + $50 (½ June tuition) = $150.) This payment must be made in full or the dancer may not be able to perform in the Gala performance in June. The final  payment collected in May, includes the days in August when school was in session, but were not billed, and the remaining days in June.  This is because while tuition was not billed for the August classes, teachers were paid and the studio was in operation.  All Accounts must be settled by the last day of regular classes.


Discount for Male Dancers

Male dancers in the Intermediate and Advanced levels will receive 50% off of their class tuition payments if they are registered for a minimum of 4 hours of class per week at VYIBA.  The discount does not apply to any other dance event, such as Camp, Gala or Nutcracker.


Additional Discounts

Students who have been affected by a cancer death or diagnosis in his/her immediate family will receive tuition forgiveness for one full year or at the discretion of the director.


Payment Submission

You can submit your payment by check, cash, Venmo, or credit card.  Checks and cash can be handed to the studio front desk, or you can mail payments to Viktor Yeliohin, 139 Springbrook Court, Lancaster, PA 17603.  Checks are made payable to Viktor Yeliohin IBA. If you wish to submit payment through Venmo, please find Viktor’s account @viktor-yeliohin. When paying through Venmo you must add a memo description detailing the purpose of the payment, (for example: Alice Dillon’s March Tuition, or Alice Dillon’s Costume fee.) You may pay by credit card in the studio. You will be required to pay a 2.6% + .10 service fee to use a credit card. The fee is subject to change without notice.



Emergency Class Cancellation

VYIBA will close in severe weather conditions such as tornado or hurricane conditions or heavy snowfall or on designated citywide closures including public health emergencies.  If the studio closes unexpectedly, the administrator will advise students and parents through email, the school’s website, and social media.  If there are any further questions, please call the studio to confirm the school’s status.

Sometimes a teacher will unexpectedly fall ill or have an emergency resulting in absence from class.  In these cases, the class will be held with a substitute teacher.  Occasionally, this will mean that classes that day may be reorganized to accommodate the substitute teacher.

Long Term Studio Closures

Should the studio have to close for an extended period of time, classes will be moved to the online Zoom format with as little interruption to the current class schedule as possible.  Your monthly tuition cost will not change but will cover your attendance in these classes.  If you choose not to participate in the online format you must notify the studio and any tuition you have paid up to that date will be forfeited. 


Dismissal of Student from VYIBA

Students who continually fail to follow the guidelines stated above will be given a verbal warning by their teachers.  If failure to comply continues, the student may be asked to observe class that day and the teacher may speak with the parent.  If the student continues to disobey the guidelines, the director will be notified of the situation.

Any action that is a violation for local, state, or federal laws, including possession of alcohol, drugs, or weapons will result in immediate dismissal.  Sexual harassment, physical intimidation, verbal harassment, injury, or bullying including by cell phone or social media, will result in dismissal of the student.

The director reserves the right to dismiss a student from the school for any abuse of these guidelines.


School Holidays and Closings

Each student is given the opportunity to attend 38 weeks of classes per year.  Any class that falls on a holiday can be made up on a different day during the week.  This also applies to any classes that are canceled due to inclement weather.

The Following dates are listed on VYIBA calendar as Holiday Closings:

  • Labor Day – Monday, September 4, 2023
  • Thanksgiving Break – Thursday, November 23 – Sunday, November 26, 2023
  • No Classes due to Nutcracker – Tuesday, November 28, Thursday, November 30 & Friday, December 1 – Sunday, December 3, 2023
  • Winter Break – Saturday, December 23, 2023 – Monday, January 1, 2024
  • Spring Break – Friday, March 29 – Monday, April 1, 2024
  • Memorial Day – Monday, May 27, 2023

Important Dates to Remember:

  • First Day for Classes – Monday, August 28, 2023
  • First Day of Company – Tuesday, August 29, 2023
  • Bring a Friend Weeks – October 9 – 14, 2023 & March 4 – 9, 2024
  • Parent Observation Weeks – October 16-21, 2023 & March 11-16, 2024
  • Nutcracker in Studio Rehearsal – Tuesday, November 28, 2023
  • Nutcracker Dress Rehearsal – Thursday, November 30, 2023
  • Nutcracker Performances – Friday, December 1 – Sunday, December 3, 2023
  • Return from Winter Break – Tuesday, January 2, 2024
  • 2024 Nutcracker Auditions – Saturday, May 4 & Saturday, August 10, 2024
  • Company Performance – Saturday, May 18, 2024
  • Gala Rehearsal for Featured Ballet – Tuesday, May 21; Tuesday, May 28; Saturday, June 1 & Saturday, June 4, 2024
  • Possible Gala Rehearsal Dates – Saturday, April 27; Saturday, May 11 & Saturday, May 25, 2024
  • Gala in Studio Rehearsal – June 8, 2024
  • Gala Dress Rehearsal – June 11, 2024
  • Last day of classes – June 14, 2024
  • June Gala – June 15, 2024
  • Beginner Ballet Camp – June 17-21, 2024
  • Summer Intensive Camps – June 24 – 28, &  July 8 – 12, &  August 5 – 9, 2024
  • First Day of Classes – Monday, August 26, 2025
  • First Day of Company – Tuesday, August 27, 2025

All dates are subject to change.  Any additional information will be communicated through email.