International Ballet Academy

Lancaster’s leading school of Ballet and classical dance


The Academy will be closed due to Coronavirus

Dance school will be open again on Monday, March 30th. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Dance Like You Are Glad.

Attending VYIBA is a great opportunity for all ages to study professional ballet. Students have fun performing the Nutcracker, the company performance, and the yearly gala.

Looking forward, VYIBA will have a ballet competition for youth, junior, and senior groups in Lancaster, PA for RELEVE, the nonprofit for children’s health. The competition will feature awards and prizes and will be great fun for all while helping a great cause.


An elegant Gala performance put on by students from all over the world.  All proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society.

Come take a drop-in class with us! 

$18 for a one hour class

$25 for a one hour and a half class

Schedule your private lesson with Viktor by calling (717)419-6688 for scheduling and pricing.  

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At VYIBA, we strive to provide our students with world class training and performance opportunities. Our dancers are given the best training in the area by our expert faculty, guest teachers, and choreographers and have the opportunity to train and perform with professional dancers and teachers from all over the world. VYIBA’s well-rounded curriculum allows our students to receive an in-depth education in several styles and prepare them for their future, both in and out of the dance studio.

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Students are taught directly from the Vaganova syllabus, learning proper placement, musicality, and expression through movement. We offer technique classes in all levels and offer several ballet classes a day. Students have the opportunity to learn and perform timeless classics from some of the best choreographers and ballets. 


Students are taught modern technique by experimenting with various movements and rhythmic patterns. Different types of music are explored. Contemporary dance has its primary basis in ballet, combining the many technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom and lighter aspects of jazz and modern dance.


Our jazz dance classes are designed to bring out the students’ individual dance style and originality. We offer beginning dance classes that will focus on fundamental jazz dance techniques and progress into faster paced leaps, turns and quick foot movement. Our goal is to make our jazz dance classes both fun and energetic.

Creative Movement

Dancers explore the basic foundations of dance technique, Classes are designed to develop coordination, rhythm and control through games, props, and playful movement exercises, designed to engage their creativity.