Our Classes


Advanced Ballet

Intermediate Ballet

Elementary/Intro Ballet

Vaganova 1A

Students are taught directly from the Vaganova syllabus, learning proper placement, musicality, and expression through movement. We offer technique classes in all levels and offer several ballet classes a day. Students have the opportunity to learn and perform timeless classics from some of the best choreographers and ballets. 


Pointe I

Pointe II

Taught from the Vaganova syllabus, students will learn and strengthen their knowledge of the essentials of pointe technique. Students will work both at the barre and in center, and will have the opportunity to learn and perform classical repertoire. 


 Advanced Modern

Intermediate Modern

Beginner 1A

Students are taught modern technique by experimenting with various movements and rhythmic patterns. Different types of music are explored.


Our jazz dance classes are designed to bring out the students’ individual dance style and originality. We offer beginning dance classes that will focus on fundamental jazz dance techniques and progress into faster paced leaps, turns and quick foot movement. Our goal is to make our jazz dance classes both fun and energetic.


Advanced Contemporary

Intermediate Contemporary

Contemporary dance has its primary basis in ballet, combining the many technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom and lighter aspects of jazz and modern dance.


Students develop tap skills as they focus on vocabulary, technique, and performance. Students dance to a variety of music styles.

Music, Movement and Make Believe

In this unique class, students will be encouraged to use their creativity and imagination as we
tell stories through dance. They’ll be introduced to ballet terminology, and musicality.
Strengthening and developing their coordination, spacial awareness, storytelling and
cooperation skills. We’ll explore a new story each month, and even create our own as we learn

Creative Movement

Dancers explore the basic foundations of dance technique, Classes are designed to develop coordination, rhythm and control through games, props, and playful movement exercises, designed to engage their creativity.