Viktor Yeliohin International Ballet Academy presents the Releve Spring Showcase Benefit.  All proceeds from this event will be given to the medical needs of the children of Ukraine. This event has the potential to change the lives of people we may never meet. Please join us as we premiere 2023 Releve Spring Showcase: Benefit for the Children of Ukraine.

We Invite members of the dance community to participate:

* Each Studio has the option to prepare up to 3 pieces – featuring solo dancers, duets, or ensembles; with a concentration in ballet, modern, or contemporary dance.

* Dancers ages 11 and up are encourage to participate

* No cost to participate but we ask you to encourage your friends, family and other dancers from your studio to attend the show

*The event will take place at Lancaster Mennonite High Fine Arts Center; 2176 East Lincoln Highway, Lancaster PA 17602

*Dress Rehearsal at 11:00am

*Showtime 4:00pm

*Tickets are $25.00 per person.

Please Click Here  for our online registration form and fill out our printable release form before the date of the show.